Twin Farms Partners

Twin Farms has the honor and privilege of partnering with some wonderful people and truly extraordinary organizations. We recognize that many hands and hearts go into creating our guest experiences. Allow us to share with you who we rely on, to help make Twin Farms special. We thank our partners and friends for their tireless efforts - it is a joy to work with them.

Fable Farm

Community supported certified organic vegetable herb and flower agriculture located in Barnard, Vermont. It’s also the source of much of the fresh produce served at Twin Farms.

Kiss the Cow

Grass-based, organic dairy farm with a herd of Jersey cows. Honest, conscientious work in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Shackleton Thomas

Handmade furniture, pottery, and accessories — many of which are found throughout the accommodations and common areas at Twin Farms.

Simon Pearce

We are glad to have your friends down the road at Simon Pearce. The Simon Pearce Mill, an historic structure overlooking the Ottauquechee River that dates to the 1700’s, will greet you as you enter through its massive worn wooden double doors with iron handles. Fire, air, grace, strength, and passion - the essential elements in making one-of-a-kind pieces or art with soul. Where perfection comes from the uniqueness that can only be made with the human hand. Enjoy fine dining over the rumble of the waterfall. The handmade Glassware and Pottery makes your food and drink look and taste better. And the highlight: speak with and watch Master Craftsman glassblowers making a range of traditional to modern glass designs of a brilliance and clarity unique to Simon Pearce. Ask about customized experiences suited to your interests.

Stave Puzzles

One of our oldest friendships has been with Stave Puzzles. Twigg and Steve's friendship dates to Twin Farms' opening in 1993. Our guests have been delighted, and some tormented by Stave's one of kind hand made puzzles ever since. A great activity that rewards the brave with the creation of order from chaos. A true celebration of time to themselves, our guests frequently spend hours fireside, with a great glass of wine, enjoying Stave's marvelous creations.

TD Bank

Some our partners and friends are less visible, but no less important to our success. One such partner is TD Bank. Twin Farms has worked with the team at TD Bank. A true partner in our success, the TD Bank team have supported Twin Farms, and are integral in our longterm and ongoing success. They are, and have been a joy to work with.


Versante products embody their namesake Vermont – offering bath and body care that is clean, pure, natural and authentic. Using inspiration from nature’s brilliance, their dedication begins with premier ingredients and honest formulations, with no harsh chemicals or toxic preservatives. It continues through their passion for hand-batched recipes that honor mind and body in balance. The result is a line of products that nurture both body and spirit, and reflect the splendor of simplicity.

Tata Harper

Founded on a farm that covers 1,200 acres in the Champlain Valley, their founding mission was to give the skincare industry a fresh start with highly effective and luxurious anti-aging beauty products that are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients.


Lunaroma is a family owned and operated business based in Burlington dedicated to creating the highest quality aromatherapy and spa body products available. Custom blending body butter, herbal body wraps, salt & sugar scrubs - using all natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients, their products are made in the tradition of the old apothecary – hand blended in small batches and making many fresh upon order to provide quality and purity. Twin Farms is committed to supporting Vermont companies that provide the very best.

Post Ranch Inn

There are so many amazing hospitality experiences. We can't help but be humbled by how beautifully many of the small independent hotels, resorts and inns are serving and creating truly memorable experiences. One of our absolute favorites is the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California. The Post Ranch Inn's setting is breathtaking, its art and architecture refined and whimsical, the food and wine just fabulous and the team – completely dedicated to ensuring that each guest's experience is truly memorable. We cherish our friendship with the Post Ranch Inn team. Post Ranch Inn and Twin Farms partner on a number of levels including shared culinary weekends, staff initiatives and VIP personal recognition of one another's valued guests.

Photo Credits

Jim Westphalen — scenics and The Team
Andrew Clark — wedding
Kathleen Landwehrle — party
Glenn Suokko — scenics