The Prohibition Mission – Scavenger Hunt

Foxtrot back to the days of Flappers, Gangsters, and Jazz and join in on a roarin’ good time! With a “prohibition” twist, Stave Puzzles and Twin Farms are conducting an over-the top scavenger hunt on the Twin Farms property. There will be Stave puzzles to solve, 20’s inspired challenges to complete, and of course, a bit of giggle water! Guests will be split into teams as they go from one clue to the next. Working as a team will not only get you to the end quicker but can offer you extra opportunities to win one of two grand prizes – a two-night stay at Twin Farms or a Stave Traditional puzzle in 250 pieces. But watch out for the town cop or you may end up in the pokey with the local booze hound!

May 18-21, 2017

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