Artist in Residence: Rhea Haggart Costello

Artwork plays a vital role here at Twin Farms.  Each and every wall and many landscape nooks are graced with art, as a standing tradition, they are cared for lovingly.  We continue to invest in art by incorporating select artist’s work where they can be enjoyed and acquired.

Your painting experience with Rhea can be longer or shorter to accommodate your day.  Reservations are welcome for July 22nd and August 19th, starting at 9 AM or feel free to visit her as a painting develops.

Rhea is one of our artists. She brings to Twin Farms experience gained from over 30 years of oil painting landscapes and wildlife. Her fine art oil paintings, as well as pottery, are in homes across the country. Whether you have painted or not, you may join her during your stay with us. Even in a short time, you will take with you the ability to see your surroundings’ values, shapes and colors with a new eye. Resulting from previous trips to Twin Farms, her paintings of our property can be seen through the doors of our main house reception.

Vermont in Green – Did you know the color green elicits positive balance? 

While in beautiful surroundings, do you find staying still in that one place is interrupted by a busy mind and a body that wants to move, maybe explore? While you are here, you have an opportunity to explore vistas on our property while painting it with Rhea’s guidance. While focusing on the intricacies of values and color that form landscape compositions,  you will become immersed in your surroundings while your mind and body are active, yet stilled. It feels magical and you are creating your own piece of this experience to display as a memory!