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A Change is in the Air

Monday June 6, 2022

Hello, and the warmest of welcomes. I’m honored you’ve found your way here, to learn more about a place that is so near and dear to my heart. As long-time managing director of Twin Farms, I’ve seen this treasured New England resort grow through the years. And, I’m so pleased to share that we’re entering a new chapter here on The Farm. Of course, it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share these updates with you first – I know Twin Farms means as much to me as it does to you. So please read on to learn more about the journey Twin Farms is currently undergoing from the team behind the vision. The best, they say, is yet to come. And in this case, it couldn’t be truer.

What is Twin Farms to me? A farm, certainly. A resort, yes in a manner of speaking. An award-winning, treasured New England travel destination? Top media worldwide certainly think so, thank you very much! Twin Farms is all these things but also so much more. It’s the breathtaking backdrop against which you’ll create memories to last a lifetime. It’s the place you go to celebrate the active enjoyment of Vermont’s stunning natural beauty with a healthy dose of whimsy. It offers warm and personal service, historic legacy, extraordinary culinary and wine experiences, inspiring design and the opportunity to be off-the-grid yet never isolated amongst its 320 quintessentially lovely Vermont acres (most of which I’m proud to say remain beautifully untouched).

And now, after nearly three decades we believe it’s time to think about how this special place can evolve. In what ways can we continue to deliver the unpredictable, and simultaneously delight? How will you continue to find excitement and surprise as the grounds reveal themselves to you? Allow us to set the stage, as when you come visit as soon as this summer, you’ll begin seeing the changes with your very own eyes. We’re just now beginning to break ground on a multi-year enhancement, and throughout this time of change (and of course, after too!) you can continue to expect all the spirit and warmth you’ve come to know. Yet you can also expect a new, additional full-service restaurant on-site; an exciting new chapter with even more playful, engaging experiences organically intertwined with nature; a more robust creation of a holistic living experience that caters to the adventurous, new age traveler while always drawing upon our history.

And right here, on this page housing our newly founded blog, we’ll share all these updates in real time with you as new developments come to fruition (and also give you a sneak peek or two at what’s in store). And while I won’t give away all the surprises just yet, I do have a few sentiments to share about what this new iteration looks like from key team members at Twin Farms.

First from Tracy Tang, whose shared family’s vision is to ensure that our legacy continues on, preserving everything that makes Twin Farms truly extraordinary…

Guests time and time again tell us that they feel they are being warmly welcomed into someone’s home when they arrive at Twin Farms. It is of utmost importance to us that the spirit and warmth of Twin Farms carries forward and is reflected in any new or refreshed spaces we create. In particular, we want our new spaces to showcase a sense of whimsy, surprise and inviting comfort – all of which are trademarks of Twin Farms.” – Tracy Tang Limpe, Co-owner, Twin Farms

Perhaps you might also like to hear from Chelsea Corrigan at Michaelis Boyd. Yes, the very same Michaelis Boyd involved in shaping the design, ambiance, vibe and vision of Soho House…

Our future design builds on the legacy of Twin Farms, elevating the outdoor rustic-luxe experience by renovating the existing site and creating additional state-of-the-art accommodation and amenities services that combine function with a natural, refreshed aesthetic. Traditional New England farmhouse references will be combined with pared back, contemporary touches, with a focus on unobstructed views to connect guests with the resort’s secluded, natural surroundings.” – Chelsea Corrigan, Lead Designer, Michaelis Boyd

Finally, some thoughts from Chef himself, the person responsible for creating every delicious bite (and there are many) you enjoy while you are here.

I can’t wait for our guests to experience this new dining opportunity – it will have stunning interiors, a warm and welcoming new bar with signature cocktails and a new kitchen that allows us to prepare local meats over a live, wood fire. Together, these elements will bring a new depth and flavor to our cuisine, along with a casual dining option where guests can enjoy culinary delights outside the traditions of the main dining room experience.” – Nathan Rich, Executive Chef, Twin Farms

That’s it for now. But allow me to leave you with this thought from the on-property team: Twin Farms has been, and will continue to be, this amazing living, breathing, enriching experience. We are so looking forward to these reimagined elements making the experience we share with you only that much better.

Until next time,
John Graham, Managing Director, Twin Farms

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