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Renovation Notice

Twin Farms is committed to the constant improvement of our guest and staff experiences and has remained cognizant of those changing needs and expectations. We have seen several shifts including an expansion of the length of our guest’s stays, and a desire to have additional dining options both indoors and outdoors.  To meet these shifting expectations, we have embarked on a long-term effort to enhance and expand our guest offerings.

We have completed our reimagined Twiggs, as well as the expansion of Twiggs’ Terrace, and while we are of course, a bit biased, think it is just beautiful.  We have since opened Twiggs, and welcome our guests daily for cocktail service, and seven nights a week for dinner service.

The Main House Terrace is complete too. It has been reimagined to allow for expanded alfresco dining, complete with a beautiful pergola, additional seating, lighting, and outdoor heating.  In addition, we now have a beautiful stone gas fire pit just off the South Porch.  It has quickly become a guest favorite for an early evening glass of champagne before dinner.

The Furo has also undergone a complete renovation.  The Furo, now a 104-degree saltwater pool, includes a passing shower feature.  The Furo, is very happily being enjoyed by our guests, and does now include a reservation system, which allows our team to prepare the space between visits.

We have begun the development of an addition to Cottage Loop and a series of eight beautifully designed Treehouses.  We are hoping to begin welcoming guests into them this October.   The addition begins at the old helipad, and will travel back through the woods, largely following what was a portion of the blue trail.  We encourage you to see this on our Trail Map, and invite you to travel with us via our blog, as we share our updates on the Treehouses.

We are excited about these improvements and added amenities and will be sharing photos and the progress being made throughout the process.

Thank you for your continued support of Twin Farms – we are truly grateful.


John Graham
Managing Director

Gift certificates are currently unavailable for purchase. However, you will be able to purchase them again starting May 5th, 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order for the state of Vermont, Twin Farms is able to welcome reservations, for stays from June 16th onward..

If you have a reservation before June 16th, our team will be reaching out to you, in the meantime, if we can be of any assistance whatsoever, please contact us at
Warmest greetings from the Team at Twin Farms,
Twin Farms is committed to the constant improvement of our guest and staff experiences.
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