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A Night at Twiggs… and more

Wednesday November 9, 2022

Welcome back. It’s been a great (and busy) month here on the Farm. Our new dining venue, Twiggs has been open for a month now, and we’re really excited to continue to show you – our family and friends – how special it is. If you haven’t experienced it, we thought we’d walk you through what you would see and immerse yourself in, if you were coming to join us.

The journey begins at the Main House, and I’ll share with you some of my favorite sights starting from here. Walking out of the Main House, you get a great feel for the guests who are enjoying a drink around the new gas fireplace carved out of stone. Continue right and you will reach the covered bridge, a quintessential Twin Farms moment. Crossing the bridge over the lily pond, you will get your first glimpse of the outdoor activity on the beautiful new Twiggs terrace, as well as a peek through into the Twiggs.

Twiggs interiorOnce you reach the terrace, you’ll notice the thoughtfully designed modern Adirondack chairs at the far-right side, where there is guest chatter over a pre-dinner drink by the fireplace – the second of the walk. To the left, enter Twiggs. One of the first things that will strike you in the space, is the wood burning fireplace, presided over by one of my favorite works of art by Cy Twombly. Greeting you at the door will likely be Nina, the wonderful personality managing Twiggs. We’ve worked together for 20+ years, back to when we were both at The Point and Lake Placid Lodge.

The next thing that will catch your attention is the authentically designed 14-seat island bar. This is one of my favorite spots at Twiggs, or Twin Farms for that matter. It’s here where you will meet Suzanne and Mike, two incredibly talented bartenders who are so much of what makes Twiggs so special.

“Behind the bar is really where I can truly be creative. I love when guests tell me their flavor preferences and let me take the wheel. I’ll usually create drinks inspired by the Farm’s produce – using herbs from the garden, or citrus from the trees – inventing things as I go along. Though I also love hearing what guests order as their favorite drinks or ask me to make my version of a classic. It’s a fun atmosphere at the Farm and I really enjoy getting to know our guests, or simply allowing them to indulge in their reprise at the Farm. And if they’re up for it, I invite them to come behind the bar with me – and we’ll teach each other a thing or two!” – Suzanne, Twiggs Bartender

 The menu changes consistently at Twiggs, inspired by the Farm’s seasonal gardens and harvest. In the new kitchen is where you’ll find Executive Chef Nate and then a younger, 6ft 3 version of Nate…Twiggs’ Sous Chef Kyle. The interesting and fun thing about Twiggs, is that it expands on the experience that you find in the main Dining Room – where guests allow us to make the decisions. Here at Twiggs, we return the control back to you, and invite you to choose from one, two, three courses…however you want to make of the space. An opportunity to enjoy a whole branzino or a beautifully cooked rib eye on the Argentinian woodfire grill. A casual drink at the Bar or a light bite before you retreat back to your Cottage.

Speaking of cottages… we are very excited to share that we are working on our next project. A new type of accommodations coming later next year – The Treehouses.

Many of you know all about Aviary, the stunningly beautiful building designed by the masterful architect Peter Bohlin. Taking our cue from Aviary, we are creating a series of beautiful luxury Treehouses that will each canter out from the Aviary into the woods. With a slightly more contemporary vibe than our existing Cottages, each Treehouse is designed to give you a sense of waking up, floating in the trees. Designed by Michaelis Boyd and TruexCullins, both visionaries behind Twiggs, each Treehouse will be named after the birds seen on the farm.

More details will be coming up in the blogs to follow and we can’t wait to tell you more…

Until next time,
John Graham, Managing Director, Twin Farms

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