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A Peek Behind the Curtains

Monday June 13, 2022

Welcome back. The last time you were here, I shared a glimpse at what’s to come at our beloved Farm as we embark on a journey of transformation (one that we’re so glad you’re following along with). A journey that is continuously evolving…and will evolve for years to come, but one of ever-going collaboration. Not just between the faces that have called Twin Farms home for years like our Chef Nathan Rich or our General Manager Michael Beardsley. We welcome some new faces, and we couldn’t be happier (or prouder) to have them on board.

Take Rina Kukaj and Chelsea Corrigan Director and Lead Designer at globally acclaimed architect and interior design firm Michaelis Boyd, for example. And Marc DeSmet from TruexCullins – a local (but widely renowned) Vermont architect firm. Even the masterful team behind HP Cummings, our general contractors that we carefully selected based on their extensive hospitality industry experience and who value and preserve the integrity of the environment they work within. All these faces – plus many more – are helping to bring the magic of the new Farm to life.

As we look to our future, how will our storied legacy play into our transformation, might you ask? I tapped Michaelis Boyd to answer. “The Farm is renowned for its romantic and bucolic setting, award-winning dining experiences, eclectic world-class art collection and array of outdoor pursuits. Our design will build on this legacy, elevating the outdoor rustic-luxe experience by renovating the existing site and creating additional state-of-the-art accommodation and amenities services that combine function with a natural, refreshed aesthetic. Traditional New England farmhouse references will be weaved in with pared back, contemporary touches, with a focus on unobstructed views to connect guests with the resort’s secluded, natural surroundings.”

A team of accomplished architects known for their extraordinary installations around the world, Michaelis Boyd is backed by the best. You’ve probably heard of them. They’re the masterminds behind Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire UK, which was the inspiration behind selecting them for our project. Not only are they a team of brilliant designers, but they’re collaborative, immersive, and hands on, which was extremely important to us. A core focus for them is “crafting playful, engaging experiences for guests that are organically intertwined with nature.”

And we’re starting to see these engaging experiences come to life. We’ve recently unveiled the greatly expanded Main House Terrace. And the experience is seamlessly connected with nature, starting at Dorothy’s Asparagus (if you’ve visited us before, you’ll know where this is) going all the way to the Cottage Loop. And you’ll find something engaging and interesting along every step of the way like outdoor furnishings by our very dear friend and master furniture maker Charlie Shackleton, a new gas lit fire pit carved from a rock and surrounded by 8 Adirondack chairs, and more. We’ve designed the space to make you feel further connected to our natural Farm.

Over at the Furo (our unique Japanese bathing house), you’ll expect it to look a little different. Our general manager Michael shares a few updates: “We’ve redone the Furo exterior with Shou Sugi wood siding which creates a beautiful, natural look and feel. We’ve also completely refreshed the interior so that core wellness experience remains the same, though enhanced through several new amenities and a fresh new look. We’re just awaiting the final piece of the puzzle, a passing shower feature, that will be a nice finishing touch.”

Up next, we are excited to unveil the new Twiggs to you this September. We’re dropping “Pub” from the name though preserving the legacy that Twiggs Pub has always had.

Here’s Nathan, our creative Chef to tell you what he hopes to accomplish with this new culinary concept. “To sum it up in a few words – comfortable, refined, generous, local. We want Twiggs to be a place where you don’t want to leave and a place that’s not just about the food and drink. Whether you’ve chosen to perch at the bar, lounge, dining table, or anywhere in between, there’s a total feeling of comfort that we hope to achieve around every corner. We’re also bringing the outdoors in, creating continuity with our culinary experience and our 300+ acres of land. For example, the hand painted wallpaper was inspired by the Lily Pond, and the view from the Bar that overlooks the Bridge and beyond (a quintessential vision of Twin Farms). The intentional design of Twiggs adds to the overall culinary experience.”

One thing is absolute in this process, as we continue to evolve, we’ll continue to preserve the core belief of Twin Farms. We recognize what makes the Farm special (as do you – or maybe you’re still untapping its magic, like us!), and all the faces and hands involved with this transformation are committed to preserving this legacy and evolving it even further.

Until next time,
John Graham, Managing Director, Twin Farms

Twin Farms is committed to the constant improvement of our guest and staff experiences.
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