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A Thank You from the Farm

Tuesday November 29, 2022

Welcome back. What a year it’s been. A journey, as I should put it, as we capture a new era for our beloved Farm, and one that is continuously evolving.

As the year comes to a near close, we thought we’d take this time to give thanks to you – our friends and family. Thank you for coming along the journey with us over the past 30 years, but more importantly thank you for a great year – you’ve made each day a little more exciting than the last.

It’s been a very busy 2022 for us here at the Farm. Rewind back to the Spring when the first guests were able to experience our thoroughly enhanced the outdoor dining program.

Aside from the collection of new, nature-inspired picnic decks we’ve been adding to for the past few years, the Farm unveiled an extension to the outdoor Terrace of the Main House. Our long-time dear friend and masterful furniture maker Charles Shackleton showcased some of his latest works. Guests can choose from a variety of outdoor dining tables while they enjoy views of the below meadow at any time of the day. Further down from the Main House we built a new custom fire pit carved from a boulder and surrounded by Shackleton Adirondack wooden chairs – a fantastic happy hour locale.

We love bringing back our good friend Charlie and his son Hugh to create something unique and special for our guests. They have been an important part of our journey for a long time now having partnered with them on countless occasions throughout the years. They know what our guests are seeking and how to merge comfort with the Farm’s bucolic nature. All their pieces are special to us and we loved collaborating with them to design our new outdoor terrace area.

If you’ve visited the Farm’s Furo in past years and then again this year, you would have noticed the authentic Japanese bath house looked a little different. A design refresh gave the Furo a new look that enhanced its natural elements. On the programming side, this year’s Farm guests were privy to various new experiences that varied across the seasons. A plethora of new activities filled our experiences menu, like archery and axe throwing. Pickleball continued to be a fan favorite with “Pro” Kyle showing off his court skills daily.

Jakes’ Fishing ShackNew and elevated culinary moments provided a deeper connection to the Farm.

“We’ve continued to add to our picnic sites, each providing a different experience to the next. September saw the unveiling of our newest picnic spot, Jake’s Fishing Shack nestled on Copper Pond. We also launched a great partnership with Krug alongside a series of new culinary journeys on the Farm. The Progressive Farm Lunch – the first experience of its kind on the Farm – allows guests to interact with the Farm in a new way. John, Michael, and I share our insider’s view on the Farm, inviting guests to go on a guided tour around the estate, with various edible pop-ups.” – Executive Chef Nathan Rich

TwiggsAnd then the Farm’s most recent addition… Twiggs.

“In September, we introduced a whole new meaning to an ‘evening at Twin Farms’. Twiggs, our new, versatile, and convivial restaurant, has added a new layer to the Farm that we haven’t had since we opened in the early 90s. A second dining destination helmed by Chef Nate alongside new talent that is inspired by the Farm’s produce and Barnard’s surrounding neighborhoods. Twiggs, although just over a month old, is a new fan favorite.” – General Manager Michael Beardsley

A busy and amazing year indeed, with so much more to come. As the snow begins to cover the Farms’ fields, we look forward to the beautiful winter season ahead. In the meantime, we wish you all and your families a safe and happy Holiday season.


Until next time,
John Graham, Managing Director, Twin Farms

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