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COVID-19 Precautions & Preparations


We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has been cause for much concern when it comes to decisions surrounding travel.  As you consider your path to restoration, recovery and a happy return to normal, we invite you to speak directly with us if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever.  In the meantime, we have put together our COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS & PREPARATIONS module to help convey how we have approached this critical issue.

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At Twin Farms we have always maintained the highest levels of cleanliness to support the health and wellbeing of all those associated with our experience.  With the onset of COVID-19, we looked to The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), The Vermont Health Department, The National Restaurant Association, Hygiene & Sanitation Specialists, as well as communicated extensively with leaders in the hospitality world on best practices. The results, form the basis for our COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS & PREPARATIONS.

Our approach to combatting the spread of COVID-19, is to lower staff and guest counts, expand social distancing, eliminate potential threats where possible, mitigate through controls, and ensure Personal Protective Equipment usage where appropriate. We view the collaboration of our guests, our team, and our partners as essential to succesfully combatting the spread of COVID-19.

We ask that all guests respect social distancing regulations and is now state law that all guests wear masks in public areas if they have not been vaccinated, and only remove them to enjoy meals and cocktails.


Twin Farms is and will remain private.

To be present on property, one needs to be a guest, a staff member or a pre-authorized (and health-screened) partner.  With only twenty accommodations, each designed with privacy in mind, more than half of which are free standing, and all of which are set on 300 plus acres, we are ideally suited to allow for more space, naturally.

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Phased Approach

Twin Farms has reopened in a phased approach as advocated by the CDC and the Vermont Health Department. The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and we recognize that we may be required to add additional steps or modifications in the future.  In the meantime, we provide a sampling of what to expect.

General Practices & Protocols, Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection Policies

~Health Check/Questionnaire and temperature taken daily for every team member.

~Requirement that all team members wash their hands or hand sanitize upon arrival or departure every time they enter or exit a structure.

~Expanded public-area housekeeping coverage, with frequent repeated cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces.

~Hand-Sanitizers easily accessible throughout public areas and our heart of house areas.

~Expanded use of sanitation equipment and technology including electrostatic sprayers, UV lights and ozone machines.

~Temporarily suspended late checkouts and early arrivals.

~Enhanced cleaning protocols throughout.

~All staff to wear PPE as mandated (including masks, gloves and gowns/booties) in housekeeping as appropriate.

~Records available for review upon request.

General Practices & Protocols, Food & Beverage

~Reduced the number of tables in the dining rooms and expanded the space between outdoor tables.

~Expanded Private Dining Offerings with a contactless approach.

~Established strict table/chair sanitation protocols between guest seatings.


~Expanded our Evening Cocktails & Canapé Service to include a nightly Cottage Champagne & Canapé offering. Guests will have the option of enjoying Cocktails and Canapé Service in the privacy of their suite or cottage, or at their table in our dining rooms.

~We have suspended all buffets, self-serve BBQ’s and communal coffee services.

~We have paused our Chef Table program until further notice.

~Suspended our open kitchen approach and are pausing kitchen tours.

General Practices & Protocols, Guest Experience, Activities, & The Bridge House Spa and Fitness Center

~We have removed some equipment from our Bridge House Fitness Center to allow for more space between guests and established daily hours to allow for sanitization assurance between usage.

~Modified The Furo usage – with strict sanitation protocols in place between guest use.

~Revised protocols with activities, allowing for sanitization between usage where appropriate.


~Contactless arrival and departure upon request.

~Games, puzzles, bikes, etc. will be arranged in advance to assure sanitation between use.

~Modified luggage handling procedures to promote the safety of our guests and staff upon request.

Team Commitments

Twin Farms has created Two Clean/Health Officers, responsible for the daily overview of our COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS & PREPARATIONS.

~All team members pledge to stay home when sick, frequently wash hands, hand sanitize, maintain social distancing guidelines, and abide by the protocols established to combat COVID-19.

~Strict vehicle rules, maximum of three team members, no side-by-side seating.

~Temporarily suspended staff dining and break room operations and eliminated communal coffee stations, etc.

~Most on-property team meetings converted to virtual meetings.

~Staggered our team’s shifts and days of service and have reduced the total staff count by promoting work from home for those whose roles allow for it.

~Implemented a standard that our teams will not be assigned to complete any functions with more than two team members assigned.

~Our team has new “no contact” protocols – including handshakes.

~No sharing of computers, phones and any other office equipment.

~Will sanitize work areas upon arrival and departure, and frequently in between, as well as maximum ventilation whenever possible.

In addition to the sampling above, we have developed a number of additional “behind the scenes” to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

 Finally, we ask that as a guest at Twin Farms you:

We ask that you contact us, and allow us to reschedule your stay, if in the unfortunate case, you have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste and smell.

It is important to note, that for the safety of our guests and the safety of our team/community, that any guests displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be requested to seek medical attention. Should a positive COVID-19 diagnosis be received, we will request that you check out and you will be refunded the balance of your stay.

In addition to hand sanitizers placed throughout, we will provide a guest amenity kit that includes hand sanitizer, masks, and additional sanitation wipes.  We ask that when and where appropriate, our guests make use of the kits.

Finally, again, we ask that all guests respect social distancing regulations, and the state requires all guests to wear masks in public areas if they have not been vaccinated, and only remove them to enjoy meals and cocktails.  Our goal is purely to promote the health and welfare of our guests, our team and our community.