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The Art of the Picnic

Thursday September 8, 2022

Welcome back. By now, you’re surely up to speed that we’re embarking on a beautiful journey of evolution here at the Farm. And while this work is currently underway, unveiling one piece at a time to you — our friends and family — there’s a part that has been evolving for quite some time. And it’s one of my favorite staples of the Farm… the Picnic.

While they’ve always been a guest favorite, over the years our Farm Picnics have evolved into something exceptionally special. When Chef Nathan’s team boxes up a freshly harvested salad, paired with Pastry Chef Chris’s delicate desserts, a crisp glass of wine from our cellar and a Musée du Louvre-worthy backdrop, how could they not be? Perhaps you have recreated your own Farm-inspired picnic at home. I certainly have. And when it all comes together, it’s a concept we call…. The Art of the Picnic.

 Two years ago we were in a position where we had the opportunity to capture the essence of our dining experience and make the outdoors a true focus. Picnicking wasn’t a new concept for us, we’ve been serving freshly harvested produce atop the mountain for years. Nevertheless, we welcomed the challenge to put a new spin on our outdoor dining options and got even more creative. With that, came the evolution of our unique picnic series.

The Farm is now home to a bakers’ dozen picnic sites all individually built and inspired by various themes…

…In the summer you’ll see Lupines frame the Farm. In the fall, crimson and gold leaves. In the winter, it’s a blanket of snow. The art of the picnic changes through the seasons and the locations we’ve created are there to inspire guests to explore a different part of the Farm each time. For example, we’ve repurposed an old Lift Shack and turned it into an intimate dining location home to some of the most striking views on property. We’ve constructed a 2-person glass house known as The Well Deck, overlooking the Farm, where you can see the farm team lovingly tending our fields. One of my favorites…the new Jakes’ Fishing Shack nestled over at Copper Pond Point.

Just as picnics are not your average artform, those behind filling the baskets are not your average artists — meet our picnic artists in residence; Chef Nathan Rich and Sommelier Morgan LaCroix.

Chef Nate has his hand in the basket daily. What does he consider the perfect picnic? Well…“Picnics are a great way to explore the property and see breathtaking views of Vermont. With these experiences, romance is key… as well as good food, of course. There’s something about being immersed in nature with a loved one drinking fine wine and sharing a meal, that is so special. Guests choose what they want in their picnics from seasonal options based on what’s grown on our Farm. In the summer, they’ll see delicious sandwiches, vegetable sides and exciting salads using produce from our gardens. In the fall and winter, more rustic items like chilis and stews are delivered hot and they warm the soul (in more ways than one). Each picnic you have gets you thinking about your next one here...”

Like everything on the Farm, we build experiences around what excites you. A perfect picnic isn’t just about delectable bites – it’s also about exciting wines. And we take our wine seriously. Our Sommelier Morgan understands the artform of a convivial pairing. “After spending a moment or two with our guests, I love to give suggestions on what I think might excite them. Many adore a fresh Rosé as soon as the warm weather hits, which pairs so well with Nate’s garden summer cuisine. French reds are a classic with the more hearty dishes served in the winter. We also like to serve spicy ciders and hot toddies when the snow covers the Farm. What excites me the most? Striking a balance between serving up a traditional bottle, with something unexpected.”

No picnic is the same. When you stay with us for three, four nights, you can have three, four completely different experiences — sitting down to lunch in the Farm Pergola while overlooking the same ingredients in the garden that you’re about to savor…wandering up to Knob Hill where just over the railing of Doug’s Treehouse Folly is a vista of rolling green hills and bright oranges and yellows in the trees. The experience is ever-changing.

What does it take to create the perfect picnic? Well, to us, it’s the spot. It’s the spread. And, perhaps most of all, it’s the Picnic Partner — you. So, take a moment to think back on your first picnic. Then, dream about the possibilities that await you when you sit down for the next one. If that dream is here at Twin Farms, we can’t wait to bring it to life for you.


Until next time,

John Graham, Managing Director, Twin Farms

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