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Welcome to the New Twiggs

Sunday September 18, 2022

Welcome back. And what a welcome it is as today, we introduce you to the new…Twiggs. A reimagined dining experience in a place we once called Twiggs Pub. Aptly named after Twin Farms’ founder Thurston Twigg-Smith whose vision brought together the original farmhouse appeal. The new Twiggs honors his legacy while incorporating contemporary comfort and style.

Interior of TwiggsBy now you’ve likely seen us tease various elements of what’s to come in this space. Today, we invite you to come along as we officially open the lovely glass doors and unveil what we’ve all been working on behind the scenes for the past two years.

Through this process, we enlisted the best to evolve Twiggs. Marc DeSmet, the lead architect on the project from the esteemed Vermont architectural firm TruexCullins, says he was “born to do this project.” His commitment to seeing through our vision for the space has been beautiful to watch. Hand in hand, DeSmet worked alongside the Michaelis Boyd team to bring the new space to life.

A true milestone for all of us here at the Farm, Twiggs rings in a new era for our dining program, the heart and soul of each guests’ experience. Since opening our doors almost 30 years ago, there has been one sole Dining Room, and through the decades our Dining Room has become yours. It will remain the Farm’s signature degustation experience. Yes, over the years we’ve introduced new and creative ways to taste Chef Nathan’s plates, from the various picnic sites we’ve built, to the Progressive Farm Lunch we recently introduced where our friends and family taste and tour the Farm, champagne in hand.

Interior of TwiggsTwiggs is something completely new. Versatile and fluid. A complementary, “bit more rustic” approach to our sole Dining Room. “An embodiment of the true Farm experience where guests create their own journey. And the design, architecture, and interiors reflect this.”Marc DeSmet.

Sustainable design is integral to TruexCullins. DeSmet and his team “advocate an approach to energy conservation that considers broad environmental design issues”, and Twiggs is a modern adaptation of where sustainability, gourmand adventures and the Farms’ soul beautifully marry. Naturally, Twiggs’ design is centered around the culinary adventure.

“Twiggs is another extension of our commitment to culinary excellence enjoyed throughout Twin Farms, and each of the various spaces within – bar, lounge, dining – promises a playful, comfortable, and lively atmosphere.” – Chef Nathan Rich. “In everything we do, we celebrate our local Vermont’s rich agricultural heritage”. Generally, our entire culinary team rely heavily on ‘from our farm’ and locally sourced ingredients.

As the New England seasons shift from hot to cold, from green to orange, Twiggs’ menu will change. Evolving monthly, distinguished flavors will come from our new Argentinian wood-fired grill, giving a slight nod to a classic steak house. Generous portion sizes, appetizers and snacks, house made pastas, stews, soups, salads, individual pies, ice-creams, and Vermont cheeses, give you just a glimpse at what to expect…

…A beautifully designed island bar concept with 14 comfortable seats, was created thoughtfully in such a way to allow guests enjoying a drink to simply stay seated and enjoy a meal without moving to a table if they wish.”

Like all experiences at the Farm, they are defined by you, our friends and family. The drinks served in Twiggs will flow in symphony with your palates. The dishes served will bring back fond memories of your past visits to Twiggs. New flavors will ignite excitements. Many memories will be made within the walls of Twiggs. And to that, I raise a glass…to you, Twiggs and all those who call the Farm home.


Until next time,

John Graham, Managing Director, Twin Farms

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In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order for the state of Vermont, Twin Farms is able to welcome reservations, for stays from June 16th onward..

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