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A Taste of What’s to Come

Thursday March 23, 2023

TreehouseWe are officially in what Vermonters affectionately refer to as “Stick Season” or less affectionally as “Mud Season.”  Either way, we are happily in the midst of several projects to improve our guest offerings.

Chief among these, are of course, our Treehouses, which, with any luck, remind us of a time in our lives where independence, adventure, play and a healthy dose of “living in the now” all ruled supreme.  Each of the Treehouses will be accessed via a bridge and will welcome our guests to just under 800 square feet of natural wood, a soft color pallet, a suspended articulating gas fireplace, a separate dining area, and as with all Twin Farms accommodations, a beautiful bathroom.

Guest RoomIn addition to our work on the Treehouses, we are well underway with a complete renovation of Guest Room in the original Main House.  We’ve engaged our longtime interior designer, Ann Sargent, who has a lifetime of experience ensuring that we stay true to the original Twin Farms design intent, particularly that of Jed Johnson.  This time, Ann has channeled Jed to create a reinterpretation of Guest Room with a brand-new bathroom and all-new interiors.  Guest Room will stay true to the historic nature of the Main House but with a more contemporary vibe, all the while keeping romance at the heart of the experience.

We all look forward to welcoming you home soon.  In the meantime, we remain at your disposal.

Until next time,
John Graham, Managing Director, Twin Farms

Gift certificates are currently unavailable for purchase. However, you will be able to purchase them again starting May 5th, 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order for the state of Vermont, Twin Farms is able to welcome reservations, for stays from June 16th onward..

If you have a reservation before June 16th, our team will be reaching out to you, in the meantime, if we can be of any assistance whatsoever, please contact us at
Warmest greetings from the Team at Twin Farms,
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